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10 things girls can’t do better than guys

You probably heard about the sayings “ What guys can do, girls can do better” and I totally agree! (Right girls??! )

But then there are some things that only guys can do better. You read it right, yes! There are 10 things we girls can’t do better than the opposite sex. And I don’t think girls pretty much want to do some of the stuffs listed here. So here’s my list:


This is Philippine set-up :D

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10. Mechanic - Girls dont want to mess up with their perfectly manicured nails and we wouldn’t trade that for grease and oil. 

 9. Bus driver / commercial plane pilot/truck driver - I don’t know, it’s not that women can’t drive them but it is just something that men claimed to themselves. I mean of course i’ve seen some but I am quiet curious as to why not so many women are into this field. (why?) Don’t they trust us with the driving??? hehehe

8. Balot vendor - Well, It is simply because it is not good for women walking in the night in every alleys, and streets alone. 

7. Be a firewomen - It is possible, but again like being a bus driver… not so many are into this field. I think it is somewhat related to the heat. (just jokin)

6. Be a plumber or a sewage diver - There are some things that guys need to fix.. they are born to do it. 

5. Magtataho/ soya vendor - Girls dont like lifting heavy things. 

4Fisherman - This is actually true, is there such a word as fisherwoman? I haven’t heard and I haven’t seen a fisherwoman. Have you?

3. Sumabit sa jeep/ Latched on a jeep - Well, I dont think any woman would do that right?! 

2. Umihi sa pader/ Pee on the wall ( And get away with it) - We can’t and we never will. Period.

1. Go half-naked and walk around the street. - For some obvious reason, and I this is the only thing I envied about guys„ especially during summer and the sun is scorching and no matter what you do the heat is soo irritating that you literally want to take your shirt off. But I just can’t. :(

Klase ng pasahero sa LRT/MRT UPDATED!

Nakasakay ka na ba ng LRT, I’m sure oo, at sigurado akong naranasan mo nang makipag-gitgitan, makipagtulakan, at makipagbalyahan para lang makasakay dahil kung hindi eh malelate ka na sa trabaho o klase  mo. Sabi nga sa isang meme : PAPASOK KANG ESTUDYANTE LALABAS KANG MANDIRIGMA. HAHAHAH

I’m sure hindi na rin bago sayo ang ibat ibang klase ng pasahero na sumasakay dito.  At sigurado ako pamilyar ka sa kanila.

The Hustler a.k.a The Bully 

    - Sila yung tipong kahit masikip na nga eh pilit pa ring isisiksik ang sarili, mahilig manulak at maniko kahit halos maipit na sya sa pinto. Wala syang pakelam sa mundo. Madalas may dala pa syang pagkalaki laking  bag at yun ang ipangbubunggo at ipapanulak nya para lang makasakay sya.

The Door lover 

    - Sila naman yung kahit sa baclaran pa bababa eh nakaharang na sa pinto na akala mo eh sa kanila lang ang tren. Feeling nila hindi sila makakababa. Nakahawak sa may pinto at di patitinag kahit daanan pa ng alon ng mga pasakay na pasahero. Sila yung madalas nakabalandra ang malalapad na katawan sa may pintuan at kulang na lang ay itulak mo sila para tumabi. Take note, madalas sila pa ang galit dahil nabunggo mo sila.

The Parasite  

    - Parasite kasi hindi sila humahawak sa hand rails. Nakaasa at nakasandal lang sila sa katabi nila na kapag huminto ang tren tuluyan silang matutumba. Sabay sisigaw ng “aaay anu ba yan.” Atchaka tatayo ulit na parang walang nangyari. Nakasandal nanaman sya sa likod mo.

The hawi girl/hair conscious

- Yung madalas mag-ayos ng buhok nila. Hawi dito hawi don. Suklay dito suklay don na animo eh napakamahangin sa loob ng tren at nagugulo ang buhok nila. May kulot kulotan na walang pakelam sa katabi nila kahit halos magka-allergy ka na sa kati, na daig mo pang nahigad. Dagdag mo pang pawisan kau..aay bongga ang pagkakadikit ng buhok.

The hawi girl version 2.1

- Sila naman yung nakaponytail nga pero kada hihinto ang tren eh sasama din na hahampas ang buhok nya sa muka mo. Sila yung feel na feel ang buhok nila na para bang ngayon lang nakapag-shampoo ng kabayo at kulang na lang sabihin “I can feel it!”

The war freak  😡😈

   - Yung parang tingin nila sa sarili nila eh bawal silang magitgit, masiksik at madikitan ng malalagkit na balat ng mga taong pawis na pawis hehe madalas sila din yung mga hawi girls ang kaibahan lang pag umalma ka sa kanila eh sila pa ang galit, at aawayin ka, sisigawan at sasabihan ng kung ayaw mo ng masikip magtaxi ka with matching irap!

The Gamers

- Mga adik sa candy crush..plants vs. Zombies..zombie tsunami,minion rush,subway surfer, clash of the clans at kung ano ano pa! Sila yung pagpasok pa lang eh nakatungo na laro dito laro dun. Madalas for more gaming experience nakaheadset pa. Hindi sila nagkakalayo ni…

The movie addicts

- Eto masarap katabi sa LRT kasi libre nood..un nga lang minus the sound. For your eyes only lang ang peg. Swerte kung di mo pa napapanood yung movie kasi mas magandang pampalipas oras. Matututo kang mag-lip read hahaha

The bookies

- Eto naman yung may malalaking ipad or tablet! At magbabasa lang. Minsan tatawa na lang mag-isa. Or kikiligin,feel na feel nila yung binabasa nila sa Wattpad. Yung parang eng eng lang, who cares lang. May mga sarili silang mundo.

Laughing out loud dabarkads

- Yung magkakaklase, pinakamababa 3 sila or 5 or more. Magkwekwentuhan ng kung ano-ano. Ok lang naman kaso ang problema ang lalakas ng boses..yung tipong kahit nakaheadset ka na eh tagos na tagos pa din ang malalakas nilang tawa. Malalaman mo ang kwento kung pano nila nakita si crush. Ok lang sana kung magkakalayo lang sila kaso face to face na nga sa loob ng tren wagas naman makatawa sila ate. Mygosh! 😜

The chismakers/parinig 🙊🙉😕

-Lageng may kausap sa telepono.,ok lang sana kung nakaheadset pero wag ka..kuntodo loudspeaker lang sila with matching kasing lakas din ng boses nila yung kausap nila. Hahaha at ang malupet pagbaba mo sa destinasyon mo sigurado ako alam na alam mo na ang talambuhay nila. Di ko alam kung sinasadya ba to para magyabang or sadyang mga binge lang sila at kailangan talagang magusap ng malakas. Yan lang muna. Feel free to add another category. 😀 rockNroll! ✌️

I called this photo ” Confused” just like my state of mind. 

I called this photo ” Confused” just like my state of mind. 

Moonless Nights turned 2 today!

Moonless Nights turned 2 today!

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Embracing Change

Who wouldn’t want change, especially if it’s for the better? All of us, if not mostly cannot adapt to changes easily. I, for one admit that sometimes it’s hard for me to accept changes. Big or small it simply makes us feel uncomfortable.

Small change like when I woke up one early morning and learned that I run out of my favorite shampoo and needed to use another brand that is not so fragrant and I ended up with a bad hair day.  But what I didn’t realize is that that change of shampoo ended up my dandruff problems. I didn’t realize it at first but when I continued using it (because I always forgot to buy one), I noticed the change in my hair, and that change is for the better.

Big changes like a shift of career, a change of job, buying a new house, will certainly make a big impact in our lives. Well, it takes time. Simply put it this way changes are either good or bad depending on your adaptability.

Change is like putting on new shoes. At first your feet will feel ‘naninibago’. You keep on searching for that familiar feeling and just like wearing your new shoes…Eventually you will get used to it and it takes time. Do not hurry, do not get frustrated. Embrace change.

As they say, the only thing that is constant in this world is Change. You can either accept it or reject it, but you can never run from it.

Do not be afraid of change, instead befriend it. So that with every new thing that will come in your way, whether good or bad, will contribute to your experience and adds meaning to your life. 

How not to bumped into your ex.. unEXpectedly.

Have you ever experience going home from work looking grumpy with oily face, haven’t comb you hair and looked effortlessly haggard? And with your luck you bumped into someone you knew and you know you are at your worst? You can’t escape; you can’t hurriedly walk in the other side of the road just so he wouldn’t see you. Worst part is, he is somebody that you used to know. I can hear Gotye’s popular song playing on the background. I’ve been through the similar awkward situation before (minus the girlfriend thank God).  But I can tell you that it was such a nightmare.

2 weeks ago, I’ve watched Reese Witherspoon’s movie called This Means War and I can’t help but be affected with the scene wherein she was heading to the gym and unexpectedly bumped into her ex along with his new girlfriend. She was told that they were engaged. Imagine the horror if it happens to you.

So after the ‘lucky day’ I’ve always come prepared cause as they say “You’ll never know”. 

So here are my tips: Remember, this is based on experience.  

Tip 1.  ALWAYS BE PREPARED FOR THIS SITUATION. It’s like a battle. I mean whether you are coming from work, heading to the gym, going to groceries or just plain going outside be sure you are neatly presented. Check yourself in the mirror before going out. Combed your hair, add some spray of your fave perfume and a touch of lipstick. Fate is playful; chances are you will bump into someone you knew so it pays to be prepared. 

Tip 2. LOOK 3 METERS AHEAD OF YOU. When walking in a busy street or public places wherein there’s a big chance of meeting acquaintances always look ahead of you. Probably 3-5 meters on the opposite side of the street or beyond your eyes can see, so that before that someone sees you. You have at least 5 seconds to react, to think of possible ways to get out, to have a retouched of your face, to check on your mirror or to distract yourself to make it look like you didn’t saw him/her.

Tip 3. DO HAVE FAKE DISTRACTIONS. So that you have an excuse for not seeing him/her and you can walk as fast as you can in case he/she saw you. It may maybe an iPod, your tablet (also good for covering your face), your most reliable cell phone (to pretend you’re talking to someone. Just be sure it is turned silently in case it rings.) or you can text someone just for the sake of texting.

Tip 4. A CAP. This one’s for the boys, to cover your face.

Tip 5.  GET A FAKE RING. To pretend that it is your couple ring or a diamond ring if your budget can. This is for emergency. If worse comes to worse and he is making you feel that he has moved on or if he’s being arrogant then you can show that you are in a relationship by simply putting your hair behind your ear. (Let him see it) and smile.

Tip 6. FOR GIRLS: DO NOT FORGET YOUR BLUSH ON. To have that effect of being ‘blooming’ or ‘in love’ vibe. Just don’t overdo it or you’ll end up like you have been slapped by someone.


But if you are in the situation and you can’t escape: In short, if he/she sees you before you see him. Do this:

SMILE. Smile enthusiastically like there’s no tomorrow. Even though it’s kinda awkward. As I said on the first tip always be prepared. That means you are confident being in front of him. Stay strong. Be confident. Don’t let him/her see that you are nervous (even though you are); instead, make him think that you are capable of your own even without him.


PRETEND YOU ARE BUSY OR BEING LATE FOR YOUR DATE.  That is,after the casual Hi’s and Hello’s and how are you’s. Make the first move that you have to go. As soon as you guys exchange your greetings (maximum of 5 seconds) get out. Now!



Tip 2 will come into place. Better see him first than vice versa. So that you can have your way out. If you happened to be near a convenience store, go inside. Anywhere you can hide, turn your back. buy some candy. This is if you think you are not yet ready to meet him after a bad break up.

But if you are prepared, you felt like you’re beautiful, not haggard, done oil check then face them. Survey first if the girl he’s with is average or seriously-that-girl-is-with-you? Or above average.

 If she’s in the first two category, then you can face them, with your fake ring, your cell phone and pretend to be late for your date. But if the girl is above average, well all I can say is run baby run.

Seriously, just be yourself. Just stay beautiful no matter what the circumstances are ‘cause you may never know when you will bump into Mr. Right along the way. Good luck.


Secrets NURSES won’t tell you

Hey.. I’ve read this article from the June issue of Reader’s Digest Asia and thought I might as well share this to you since maybe some of you haven’t read it. And as a  Nurse, I can actually relate to this stuffs.. and I’ve also added some of my experiences. So enjoy and feel free to your own experiences. 


"They don’t prescribed drugs or wield the scalpel during surgery but nurses are the ones who are with patients 24 hours a day, comforting us, helping us with our most basic needs, dealing with our complaints, and yes, saving lives.

  •       When patients are appreciative, we are more attentive and gentler during painful procedures. We pretend to be deaf and turn off the call lights of verbally abusive patient. To shut them up, we give their sedatives earlier. – ICU nurse, Philippines

  •     Doctors aren’t trained to know everything about medication. They learn from the nursing staff. Their success will only be as good as their relationship with the staff who guides them. – Ed King. US ICU & ER nurse

  •    We have too much paperwork. It would be nice to spend more time delivering the care patients deserve but instead we’re filling out paperwork on assessing patient’s skin or his or her risk of falling – most nurses just copy out what the previous nurse has written. – Nurse, Australia

  •     It’s annoying when patients ask if I’m giving them the right medication and insists they want a doctor to confirm it. If you can’t trust me to do my job, then you can wait patiently for the doctor to get back to you. – Retired nurse with 30 years experience. Singapore

  •     When you ask me, “Have you done this before?” I’ll always say yes. Even if I haven’t. – Nurse. New York

  •         “Grey’s Anatomy?” We watch it and laugh. 90% of the things doctors do on the show are the things that nurses do in real-life. Plus, there’s no time to sit in patient’s rooms like that. – RN,US

  •         What hurts our feelings? When a patient doesn’t say please or thank you.

  •         Some jobs are physically demanding. Some are mentally demanding. Some are emotionally demanding. Nursing is all three.

  •         Doctors make mistakes too – quiet a lot. They’re just not audited the way nurses are. – ICU nurse. Philippines

  • ·         Don’t ring the buzzer for stupid little things that you can do yourself. – RN, Australia.

  •          If possible, please brush your teeth or at least gargle some mouthwash. Oftentimes we can smell your mouth while we were talking your BP and it’s not nice. - moonlessnights

  •          To the relatives of the patient, please refrain from asking us to take your BP and then the other relatives, then the other until all of the people started to compare their BPs and asking why this and why that,  because we have so many patients to tend to and we have no time to spare.- moonlessnights

  •        To some mothers, don’t slow down the drop rate of your child’s IV fluids, thinking that you can save money because it would take time to be consumed. More often than not, your child may not get the proper fluid volume and you will end up staying longer in the hospital. -moonlessnights

  •         In performing catheterization, please do not be shy that you won’t let us see you private parts, because believe me we’ve seen too much of that, that we don’t really care at all.-moonlessnights

                                 NURSING BY THE NUMBERS

34% of nurses have sneaked off for a nap at work.

15% have used scalpel to cut cake

47% have used a tongue depressor as an eating utensil

47% have given a co-worker’s name instead of their own to confuse patients and told them to call if they need help.

86% have had to leave a patient’s room quickly because they were about to laugh uncontrollably. 


  • Don’t miss the boat.
  • Remember that we are all in the same boat.
  • Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.
  • Stay fit. When you’re 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something.
  • Don’t listen to critics, just get on with the job that needs to be done.
  • Build your future in high ground.
  • For safety’s sake, travel in pairs.
  • Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.
  • When you’re stressed, float a while.
  • Remember, the ark was built by amateurs, the titanic by professionals.
  • No matter the storm, when you are with God, there’s always a rainbow waiting.

Just a thought

Just say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t expect someone to read your mind and don’t play games with heads or hearts. Don’t tell half truths and expect trust when the full truth comes out. Half truths are no better than lies. Don’t be cold to someone you care about - indifference hurts more than angry words.. They say action speaks louder than words but sometimes its better to have both.